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We are based in Washington, D.C., however, as a modern law firm, we are able to serve clients nationally through the power of the internet. We proudly serve the legal needs of online entrepreneurs by providing business, intellectual property, and legacy planning counsel to help you protect your brand and build a lasting legacy.

What We Do - Help You Protect What Matters Most

We provide virtual general counsel services to entrepreneurs and assist them in choosing an entity, drafting and filing articles of organization, drafting operating agreements, bylaws, and partnership agreements, reviewing and drafting contracts, and assisting with the purchase, sale, or winding down of their business.

We file copyright applications with the U.S. Copyright Office on behalf of songwriters, music composers, authors, and other creative artists. In addition to registering work for copyright protection, we also help our clients protect their creative work from infringement, whether they need cease and desist letters, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notices, or help with licensing their creative work.

We counsel clients on all aspects of building a career in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to help you first identify your rights, then help you develop a strategy to not only protect but also exploit your rights. We focus on brand development, copyright/trademark protection, and negotiating contracts on behalf of clients in the music, television, and film industries.

We help clients who are running online businesses maximize growth and minimize exposure by providing counsel in the areas of intellectual property protection, FTC compliance, and online advertising compliance. As an online business, we know first hand the unique legal issues that arise with doing business on the internet. We assist clients who sell both products or services online, by assisting them with drafting terms of use, privacy policies, domain name disputes, and online marketing strategies to ensure data protection and consumer privacy practices are sufficient.

Estate planning is an important task for everyone, but it is an especially pressing issue for business owners. We help business owners create a plan to ensure that their loved ones and their assets are protected in the event something happens to them.

Protecting your brand with trademarks is essential to your success. Many entrepreneurs and creative artists overlook this first step in protecting their brand. We can help you identify elements of your brand that are worthy of trademark protection: brand names, business names, logos, taglines, or packaging. We will start with a comprehensive search to determine if your mark is available and to let you know the likelihood of success of your application.


About our Managing Attorney
- Nakia Gray, Esq.

As the Founder & Managing Attorney of Gray Legal, P.C., I oversee a group of smart, innovative professionals who not only see my vision but have completely aligned with my mission to create a progressive law firm that challenges the way practicing law has “always been done.”

~ Nakia Gray, Esq.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve into an expansive marketplace, Nakia’s work is needed now more than ever. She thrives on knowing that everything she does will help someone else write their own rules and see the success they deserve and write their own rules in business and in life. When she’s not running her burgeoning empire, Nakia enjoys spending time with her family and honoring her commitment to service through her beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc.

Nakia is admitted to practice law before the courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia and is an active member of many local bar associations where she has held several leadership positions.

Client Love

"Before working with Nakia I had so many questions and had no idea where to begin. She helped me get clear and focused and figure out exactly how to use my experience, passion, and expertise to make a profit. I highly recommend her for new entrepreneurs."

- Shenora, S. HR Specialist

"Nakia eased my anxiety by clearly communicating and being willing to not only provide legal services but to educate me on the law and my rights. She is very professional and truly cares about her clients. She exceeded my expectations! Nakia is the best choice to get your business matters in order. If you want the job done right hire Nakia!"

- Monica P.

"I sought Nakia's services to better understand how the copyright process works. She taught me the importance of protecting myself. If you are looking for an attorney who will explain things in a way that you can understand, Nakia Gray is the person to talk to!"

- Janelle J.

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