Have You Done This for Your Business Yet?

Consider the following scenario …    You launch your signature program, but a week before the doors close, you get an email from another business owner claiming they own the rights to your program name and you’re going to have to change it.    Wait, whaaat?! Can they do that?    Unfortunately, if they legally own the name, then yes, they can.   And that means you’ve got to rebrand everything on the fly – name, logo, copy, worksheets, everything.   Nobody wants to be in a situation like that, especially in the middle of a launch.   The good news though is that with the right legal planning, you can avoid a situation like that and other business blunders while you’re at it.   It’s true.   If you set out to trademark your brand from the get-go, you’ll know right away if it’s already in use or not.    So what is a trademark and how do you get yours?   A trademark is simply a name or logo that distinguishes one brand from another. Think of Nike, Google, and Starbucks – their logos alone distinguish them in the marketplace.   Your business should get trademarked for the same reason – name and logo recognition – and to avoid (and prevent) future legal issues.    So … have you trademarked your business yet? What’s stopping you? Let us know in the comments below.