Do you know the difference between a copyright and a trademark?


Most people don?t realize that they?re two different things, but they are.?


Now, both do get filed through the US government and both are forms of intellectual property, but what they protect is very different.


The best way to remember is what I like to call the 3 Cs


  1. Copyright
  2. Content that we
  3. Create


Pretty much anything that you create can be protected by copyright: a book, a website, a video, an audio recording, an e-course, program materials, illustrations, blog posts, a manuscript, a song, music, or anything else that you originally create.


Now, when it comes to trademarks, it?s not about protecting content, but rather about protecting your BRAND: a name, slogan or logo used to identify a business or it?s goods/services. Trademarks aren?t as easy to file as a copyright registration, but they?re equally important, especially if you have a name or slogan that you want to protect.?


And the great thing about trademarks is that you don?t have to be a Starbucks or a Nike to have one. You can trademark your business name, signature product/service, or logo by simply filing a trademark application with the US trademark office.


So how does this apply to you?


Well, if you?re a creator of books, blog posts, podcast episodes, music, graphics, or any other tangible piece of work, you need to file for copyright protection to protect yourself from copycats.?


And if you have a unique, trademark-worthy business, program, course, event, or product name and/or logo, you should consider trademarking it to prevent copycats from using the same name in their business. Cuz I?ve seen it happen where a business will launch their signature program without a trademark and someone will steal the name and file for a trademark first.


Have you ever filed for a copyright or trademark or do you have any questions about the process? Leave a comment and let me know.