When it comes to protecting your brand with things like trademarks and copyrights, I?m gonna level with you, it ain?t sexy or cute. We?re not picking out brand colors or fonts here. We?re making sure all the legal things your brand depends are in place.


So, it?s not sexy. It?s not something you?re gonna get on the phone and talk to your bestie for hours about.


But it IS absolutely necessary.


That?s why I recently sat down with Stephanie Wynn, host of the Let?s Talk Business with Stephanie A. Wynn Podcast because I want more and more business owners to be aware of what they need to do when it comes to the legal parts of their business.?


Listen in as I talk with Stephanie about the mistakes and oversights I see many entrepreneurs making on a day-to-day basis. From not using contracts to not registering copyrights and trademarks.


I also break down the four pillars of brand protection and explain how to leverage your intellectual property in a way that doesn?t diminish your legal rights. ?


[Listen now ?]


Wondering how you can better protect your brand? Leave a comment right now and let me know what legal stuff you already have in place and what you think you might need.