when you check something off your to-do list that’s been on there for way too long?

Well … Imma ‘bout to give you one of those moments right now…

Introducing, It’s Handled: Contracts VIP Day a customized brand protection experience, where I do all the legal heavy lifting to get your trademark application done in one day!

Ok, so maybe getting your trademark done doesn’t seem like a full-on scandal.

And I don’t know about you, but if I spent countless hours and dollars building and creating a business, you better believe I’d want my contracts in order.

Cuz here’s what can happen if they’re not …

  • Your oh-so-excited client ghosts you and files a chargeback with her credit card provider (or PayPal), and that money gets zapped out of your bank account and is gone forever … all because you didn’t include an oh-so-important authentication clause.
  • Your client who loves your program SO MUCH decides to copy and paste it and then sell it as her own … and because you don’t have anything in your contract about IP, she’s in the clear.
  • You’ve opted to piecemeal your contracts together with verbiage and clauses you’ve found online for free … this doesn’t just do you and your business a disservice – it’s a disservice to the person you’re asking to sign it. 

That’s why if you’re building a business that you want to last, you’ve got to invest in the things that make it unique … and caring about your contracts is one of those things.

Oh, and if you want to scale and grow your business (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), then you better be using legit contracts so that you can safely leverage your intellectual property through licensing, collaborations, and joint ventures. 

When you sign up for an It’s Handled: Contracts VIP Day, you pay a $1,000 deposit to hold your spot and to get the ball rollin’.

Then begins our Prep Work, where you’ll complete a short assignment telling me all about your brand, products, programs, services AND any contracts you already have in place or know you need for something coming up.

From there, I will get together a game plan for us and determine what contracts are going to be best for your particular business. 

Now, this all happens BEFORE our actual VIP Day. Once we confirm which contracts we’re doing and how many, then we get to scheduling either a half or full VIP Day with me. 

At this time, you’ll pay your remaining balance of either $2,500 (half-day) or $4,000 (full-day) in one or two installments and we’ll get our day scheduled. 

For the actual VIP Day, you get to sit back as I work my magic and customize all of your contracts for you. You can rest easy knowing they’ve been written correctly and in a way that protects you, your intellectual property and the services you provide.

This customized VIP Day experience is designed for bosses who are no longer playin’ around with their brands.

If you want to set it and forget it so you can focus on bringing your creative genius to those who need it {while I get my Olivia Pope on and handle it for you!}, then this is for you.

Just imagine how good it would feel to know that your contracts are done and done right so that you can just focus on growing your business and not have to stop and worry about them every time you go to send one.

Wouldn’t that feel pretty darn amazing?!

Get started now for just $1,000. 

Total cost of a Contracts VIP Day is $3,500 or $5,000. Your $1,000 deposit gets things started. Your balance of either $2,500 or $4,000 will be due before our official VIP Day.

If you know you need contracts, but you prefer to be your own Olivia Pope and DIY them, at least start with a lawyer-written template. 

Click here to visit our legal shop.

Not sure what you need or where to start? No problem.

Click here to book a complimentary call with my team.

frequently asked questions?

I have some contracts I already use. Can I continue using them?

Maybe yes, maybe no. As part of the Prep Work, I’ll review what you already have and decide what can be salvaged and what can’t.

What is the advantage to having you customize the contracts for me vs. downloading a template from your shop?

The templates are general and will take some work on your end to make them specific to your business and the programs and services you offer. If you’re comfortable going through each section and determining which parts are necessary and which aren’t, great. If, however, you’d rather spend your time doing anything else, then let me do it for you. (This also allows you to add specific clauses to your contracts that might not be in the more generic template.)

Will the contracts ever need to be updated?

Yes. As you change things in your business – operations, services, payment options, etc., you’ll need to update your contracts to reflect those changes. Also, if parts of the law change, then your contracts will need to change, too.

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