Give Your Business

the Legal Foundation it Needs

If you’re in business, you have legal issues, whether you know it or not – that’s why we’re here.

Whether you are a

coach, consultant, creative

entrepreneur, beauty professional or photographer, you’re in business to make money (at least, we hope so).

You’re also in business to give people a solution to a problem they have (e.g. when someone comes into your salon sporting their attempt at a quarantine haircut).

The trouble is when you involve money and a promise, you open yourself to risk … because things don’t always go as planned and people won’t always be satisfied with the solution you provide.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your business has a strong legal foundation – ya’ know, in case someone tries to sue you.

But, there’s more to it than just that.

It’s also about protecting you from a client making negative or derogatory remarks about you on social media. Protecting you against theft of your intellectual property. Protecting against chargebacks. Protecting your privacy. And limiting your liability.

That’s what it means to have a strong legal foundation and be fully protected.

Is your business protected like that?

If not, we can help.

Our Legal Services

Entity Formation

There’s a lot more to starting a business than picking your company name, grabbing a domain and watching the cash roll in.

You’ve got to figure out the legal bits too.

Like … Are you going to conduct business as sole proprietor OR are you going into business with a partner? Or do you want your business listed as a limited liability company (LLC) or as a corporation?

Whatever legal entity you choose – sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation – you’ve got to make sure it’s set up right for tax purposes, liability, transferability and other factors, too.

We can help. Book a complimentary consultation today and let’s get you sorted.


To be a legit business and be fully protected, you need contracts, copyrights, trademarks, policies, terms and conditions, etc., and that’s just to start.

But as a business owner, you’ve already got enough on your plate to worry about. You don’t need to add “figure out how to write a legally binding contract” to your to-do list … 

especially when we’re here to support you.

Book a complimentary consultation with our team and find out the specifics of what your biz needs – contract-wise.


Your creative work is your most valuable asset … failing to protect it is like giving out the password to your bank account. And we obviously don’t want you doin’ that.

Instead, let us identify the creative content you have that needs protecting. We’ll handle it all from determining what ya’ got to filing applications with the U.S. Copyright Office and sending DMCA takedown notices and cease and desist letters to copycats.

Get started with a free case evaluation today.


Your brand is your trademark – give it the protection it deserves.

A brand that’s not fully protected leaves itself open for all kinds of legal issues like claims of infringement, failed trademark registrations, missed opportunities for expansion, licensing problems, etc.

And all of these issues end up costing you revenue and brand loyalty. #notawin

Instead of leaving your brand to chance, grab a complimentary session with us to determine where you’re most at risk and how to get your brand fully protected.

Estate Planning

Wonder how estate planning fits into protecting your business?

Simply put, it protects your legacy, your assets, and your loved ones. It also allows you to determine what happens to your estate rather than having the government decide what happens.

So let’s say you want to pass your business on to a business partner after you die – you can do that with an estate plan. 

Get started with a complimentary consult to determine what you’ll need when planning things out.